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Tax Services
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Tax Services

Baker Business & Tax Solutions is a tax preparation service in Independence, KY. We are a family-owned practice working with people to simplify their personal and business finances to create a simpler life. Whether you need assistance with your taxes or help with your business accounting, our team of professionals is here to assist you. Contact us today to get started!

Baker Business & Tax Solutions is your most trusted partner during tax season. Our team does your taxes for you while striving for maximum returns.

Our Tax Services Include:

Estate Tax Needs

We assist with estate and gift planning services in order to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries and surviving spouse. We strive for an orderly transfer that provides security to your beneficiaries and eliminates tax due on your assets. If you are a business owner looking to hand down your business, we can guide you through the business continuity process.

IRS Representation

Our years of experience with tax authorities give us the competence needed to argue your case in front of the IRS. Our team wants to ensure that you are properly represented by a trusted tax preparer.

Payroll Needs

As your business grows, so do your payroll needs. Baker Business & Tax Solutions helps businesses organize their payroll services for a more efficient processing system. The controls we implement make your payroll system more reliable and effective. We also prepare all your payroll tax returns when tax season rolls around.

Sales Tax Services

Collecting, reporting, and remitting payment on sales tax can be a tiring and cumbersome project. We can assist with your sales tax needs by compiling the necessary information and preparing your sales tax returns.

Tax Planning And Prep

Baker Business & Tax Solutions offers clients only the best industry-leading tax prep and research software. We follow best practices in all our tax return preparations. No matter what entity you are (individual, partnership, trust, estate, corporations, etc.) we can help. Our team offers the ability to drop off your info in our office. We send your returns by an agreed-upon date which can be picked up in-office or virtually.

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4.3 stars | 137 reviews
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